Who we are

From scrubbing operator to CEO. Here’s my story and here’s how I could help you

Hi! I’m Charmie!

I am the Founder and CEO of Löngun and as my mantra says… I go “BEYOND THE NUMBERS”.

Why?… Because that’s how winning is done.


Why choose my services?

A thriving business is a result of FOCUS and A SYNERGIZED SUPPORT SYSTEM.  It’s more than what your income statements show.  You have to have a great team to mirror the hard work you put in.

  • We get personal – We get to know you and your endeavors. From the get go, we strive to provide service that fits your needs.


  • We are professional – There are no shortcuts when it comes to accounting and support operations. We take it step-by-step and make sure that we comply with only the best practices.


  • We are there for you – With our services you talk to a real person! Your account is handled by a dedicated team of professionals who won’t give you the runaround.


  • We make it easy for you – We want you to concentrate on growing your business by taking care of the tasks that take too much of your time.


  • We automate – Great things start from small beginnings! We want nothing more than to grow with you! We want only the best for you. Higher production rates, increase productivity, better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, and reduced errors.



I get you.

I started small myself!

I began my colorful career with Jollibee Foods, a multinational chain of fast-food restaurants as a cashier in one of their branches.  I was next employed as an operator scrubbing Nokia mobile phone LCDs at a Japanese-owned manufacturing company in the Philippines.

Fast-forward to (2015), and I was privileged to have graduated first class (I would like to mention somewhere that first class doesn’t mean anything until you put action on this in the real world) from one of the prestigious universities in London Bsc Accounting and Finance degree.

It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park.  But it was a walk worth taking!

Through the years, I have had the great opportunity to work with engineers, machinists, businessmen, artisans, web developers, content writers, skilled workers, and accountants from the world over (Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America).  I also had the awesome advantage of observing how the big moguls utilize Filipino talents to create efficiency and value for their businesses and everyone involved.

The experience of collaborating with a prolific pool of talent has led me to form a brilliant team with dedicated members from the US, UK, and the Philippines.

With our competencies combined, how could success be an impossibility?

Let Löngun help you grow your business!